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Your project was conceived in passion, but now you have to deal with the consequences of your passion and deliver!


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Mountain View Pictures

Since we opened our doors more than thirty years ago, we have provided the highest standards in creative production and post-production services to our clients and producers. Our facilities feature the latest in High Definition technology with full monitoring equipment to ensure the best possible quality for your production. Mountain View Pictures has assembled an unsurpassed reservoir of professional talent and provided them with leading edge technology, housed in an atmosphere conducive to the creative process. We bring our heart, our soul and our energy to every project…

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Good business is about asking the right questions
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All things have a price!

“You get what you pay for,” does not always mean when you pay more, you get better quality. It does mean, better quality productions generally result from the use of better facilities, with artists who have more knowledge, skill and creativity, along with a commitment to excellence. It’s extremely important for, your own peace of mind, that you be satisfied with your choice of a production company or facility. Concerns you might have about the outcome of your project are natural, because you have a lot invested. At Mountain View Pictures we replace concerns, with confidence. Your confidence will originate from our people, our experience and our commitment to quality, in short, from our professionalism. That’s what you pay for! Consider professionalism as an investment.

The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is a truism that has important implications for the success of your project. Believe it. Your investment demands a satisfactory result.

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We do it all!

Video and Film production – From Concept to Completion.

Electronic Film Production – The on-site recording of your story.

Post Production Editing – If you have it shot, then we can produce your story. “Fix it in POST as the saying goes”; we have the miracle workers standing by. Professional Writers, Announcers, Composers, Graphic Artist, Producers and Directors.

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