The Big Attraction – DVD Series \ Box Set

What does it take to entice travelers to pull off the highway and into small towns across the Canadian west?  Find out in this hilarious romp with television host Scott Jantzie to discover large scale erections and the people bold enough to put them there. From incredible Fresco Art by a Famous Count, to Giant Mummy’s, to the biggest Catfish in Canada, it’s all part of the action in The Big Attraction. 

The following clips are quick samplers of some of the wonderful content and characters found in this 13 part series of half hour programs millions of Canadian enjoyed on Canadian Learning Television (CLT) now Viva TV.


Clip from the Big Attraction – Owl ManWebsite Owl Man frame

Clip from the Big Attraction – GimliWebsite Gimli frame


Excerpt from The Big Attraction TV SeriesVulcan

Excerpt from The Big Attraction TV SeriesImoff


Excerpt from The Big Attraction TV Series
Whispering Giant Bumper


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