What is Landscapes & Legends Pub and Bar Event

Transform your venue with Landscapes & Legends Live!  More than just a Live performance, this show incorporates big screen visuals and original stories into a spell binding evening of Musical Dinner Theatre.

Live Show
Live Show



Landscapes & Legends is a Wild Musical Journey that goes far beyond the fence lines of our times.It’s an adventure down historic rail lines to uncover the ghosts of assassinated leaders, doomed miners and countless other characters who have helped shape Canadian history.

Clip from the song Bulldog Tunnel

Bulldog Tunnel
Clip from the song Samuel Benfield Steele
Sam Steele
Clip from the song Hillcrest Mine

Hillcrest Mine


In Landscapes & Legends Scott combines his contagious wit & humour with a collection of original songs, poems & stories he’s accumulated throughout a lifetime of personal journeys on the road. 

Landscapes & Legends also blends in scenery and footage from our Canadian Network Television Series, "The Big Attraction". This lead to the creation of a special tribute song called "I Love Small Towns."

I Love Small Towns
I Love Small Towns

Is a upbeat tune about what some small towns will erect to get you to pull over and pay them a visit instead of just driving through.


Clip from the Vulcan episodeVulcan

Clip from the St. Walburg episodeImoff


Landscapes & Legends is a show like no other … original music… big screen visuals… & an awe inspiring performance. It’s an amazing musical event!