What is a Landscapes & Legends Home Concert Event…

Home Concerts are a new phenomenon growing in Canada and across North America. With a Home Concert smaller communities have the opportunity to bring in a major Live event without the need for community hall rentals or any kind of facility licensing.

Our Landscapes & Legends Home Concert is an intimate experience in which our host takes you on a wild and more personal ride into the heart of Canadian history.

Live Show
Live Show



Landscapes & Legends is a Wild Musical Journey that goes far beyond the fence lines of our times.It’s an adventure down historic rail lines to uncover the ghosts of assassinated leaders, doomed miners and countless other characters who have helped shape Canadian history.

Clip from the song Bulldog Tunnel

Bulldog Tunnel
Clip from the song Samuel Benfield Steele
Sam Steele
Clip from the song Hillcrest Mine

Hillcrest Mine


In Landscapes & Legends Scott combines his contagious wit & humour with a collection of original songs, poems & stories he’s accumulated throughout a lifetime of personal journeys on the road. 

Landscapes & Legends also blends in scenery and footage from our Canadian Network Television Series, "The Big Attraction". This lead to the creation of a special tribute song called "I Love Small Towns."

I Love Small Towns
I Love Small Towns

Is a upbeat tune about what some small towns will erect to get you to pull over and pay them a visit instead of just driving through.


Clip from the Vulcan episodeVulcan

Clip from the St. Walburg episodeImoff


Landscapes & Legends is a show like no other … original music… big screen visuals… & an awe inspiring performance. It’s an amazing musical event!



How does Landscapes & Legends Home Concert Series work?

What does Landscapes & Legends provide for the show?
This will depend on the size of your home, barn, quonset, club house, pavilion tent, or whatever the facility chosen to host this amazing live show. Once we know the room size and have an ideal of the acoustics, we create the show to suit the surroundings. Usually this will include lighting grids, professional sound, big screen visuals and our professional Host. As long as you have correct power sources we simply bring the show to you.


What do we need to provide?
A facility big enough to handle our equipment, with the seating capacity needed to reach your event objectives! We also require access to a stable power source that will handle our electrical requirements and not trip the breakers during the show. Basically, three 15-amp household circuits or better!


What do we need to do?
One of the best features about the new Home Concert series phenomenon is the ability through social media, personal contacts and community billboards to pre sell the show out. Internet mailing lists, social media sites, and by simply asking friends and neighbours to attend, your Landscapes & Legends Home Concert series will help make this new venture a huge hit. Contact us for Home Concert examples and a customized media kit to help you create your own home concert success.


How much does it cost?
Landscapes & Legends won’t cost you anything as long as we can reach a minimum in seat sales prior to us arriving in your community. Please contact us to find out the minimum on seat sales for your venue and to receive our specialized media kit to help you bring Landscapes & Legends to your area.


How much money can we make?
The Sky is the Limit here, but it also depends on how much you decide to charge per person for tickets and the capacity of your facility. Silent Auction items and various forms of raffles always bring in a little extra cash especially when promoted by a professional host, but we also have the ability in our production house to customize your Home Concert to include built in sponsorship messaging, should you have businesses in the area who wish to speak directly to those in attendance. Contact us for our examples and advice contained in our media kit.