How does Landscapes & Legends Fundraising work?

What does Landscapes & Legends provide for the show?
Created as a standalone fundraising event, Landscapes & Legends comes complete with Lighting grids, professional sound, Big Screen Video system and an amazing Host. You simply provide the power & the place to play and we bring the show to you.


What do we need to provide?
A facility big enough to handle our equipment and with the seating capacity needed to reach your fundraising targets! We also require access to a stable power source that will handle our electrical requirements and not trip the breakers during the show. Basically this is similar to a household system of three 15-amp circuits or better!


What do we need to do?
To make this event really successful you must be able to get the word out and get your community behind this amazing “Live” show. This means talking to local businesses about sponsorship & participation opportunities as well as launching a marketing campaign that takes advantage of local media sources and social media sites. We have a media kit to help you with pre-show ticket sales, and to help you draw major attention to your fundraising needs. Our Host is also available to consult with you on your message to the public and to handle any interviews by your local media leading up to the show.


How much does it cost?
It actually costs you nothing to bring Landscapes & Legends to your community as the show is designed to pay for itself in pre-show ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities. To maximize on the pre-show message we’ll help you design a marketing campaign that will bring local sponsors to the table and help you sell bundles of tickets. As a full scale Production House, we have the tools to actually place your sponsors message right into our “Live” show for major community recognition. We do have a small minimum requirement on seat sales going into each fundraising event, but that just covers the cost of bringing us to town. Please contact us to discuss how easy it is to pre-sell out this show using our media kit and production house experience.


How much money can we make?
This depends on the size of your venue, what you decide to charge for tickets, and what other fundraising activities you might bring to the event to help raise as much money as possible. Silent or Live Auction items and 50/50 draws can add significant dollars, especially with our Host who has a lot of experience promoting and driving sales from the microphone. Selling V.I.P. tables to local businesses helps and we can arrange to have our Host, an international Television personality, pay special attention to marquee sponsors. We also bring a compliment of Landscapes & Legends merchandise to be promoted from the microphone and sold to the audience with all proceeds above our cost going to your fundraising pool.

How far in advance do we need to book the show?
Depends on where you live and what our schedule is like, but we do try to fit every booking into our quarterly calendar, so 4 to 6 weeks is always nice. However, we will try to fit you in on short notice if at all possible.


How long is the show?
Normally the show runs about 90 minutes, but can be shortened or lengthened based on your requirements and plans for the event. If you are adding in auction items and other draws,we customise the show to include these additional features, but can still stick to the 90 minute time frame if that suits the occasion. However, if you are adding local talent or the evening is part of an existing annual event, we then customise to suit your time frames and additional content.


Can we add local talent & guest speakers to the show?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to do so! With years of theatrical Live Stage and Live On-Air experience, our Host enjoys the addition of performers and guests. Scott will work closely with you and your team well in advance of the event to make sure the program is fast paced, fun, and the best it can possibly be.


What else can you offer to help us succeed?
Here’s where we really shine!
Our team includes a former District Governor for Lions Clubs International, so we work closely with you to develop a strategy to bring local service clubs on board to help with financing and hands on fundraising support.
Our host is a seasoned media professional who is here to help you develop marketing strategies and press release material to attract as much media attention to the event as possible, and who can also handle any Live interviews arranged, or to help coach your spokesperson on how to best hype the event.
We have a Landscapes & Legends marketing kit to help make it a lot easier to bring local business sponsorship money to the table. This kit basically covers everything you need to know in order to make this show a smashing success.
And, we also bring a compliment of Landscapes & Legends merchandise to be promoted from the microphone and sold to the audience with all proceeds above our cost going towards your fundraising pool.